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Gabriel BatzHi Gabriel, how are you? Next Tuesday we will listen to a one-hour mix from you on What can we expect and how would you define your style? I am doing fine thanks. My main sound is melodic electronic dance music. However, it can be defined in many ways. I believe in two styles of music…good and bad! I try to play many styles and not just stick to one style. I can go from tech house to electro through progressive to trance while keeping the melodic element of course. It keeps things fresh and interesting for me and for the masses.

You did a remix for a well-known track ‚”What?” by Attention Deficit. How did you get the chance to remix this tune cause the track needed nearly three years to get a release on Markus Schulz` label Coldharbour Recordings? Actually it’s a bit of a long story. First, I remixed David Guetta’s “The World is Mine”. My version of that track offered a melodic and electro take from the original. That remix alone gave me a lot of exposure. Markus Schulz took notice and played that remix. He then came to Montreal in September 2005 and that’s when I met him. He had no idea I was from Montreal. He later asked me if I would be interested in remixing a track he had signed. At first I had no idea about the track. I accepted then I locked myself up for a full three weeks to work on the remix. And the rest is history.

Are there any other tracks or remixes from you, what will be released in the near future? 2006 will be an important year because I have plenty to be released. For my original productions, I have three tracks (Painfull Desire,Fendahl and Inner Touch) lined up on M.I.K.E.’s Club-Elite imprint under Armada. Then I have six more tracks to be released on Fiberlineaudio. I am also working on several collaboration projects, which are going very well. I am working on a second indie album “Changes” for a possible release in the summer. As for remixes, my remix of V-Sag’s “Kittie in an Empty House” will be out soon on Fiberlineaudio, a remix for Spekuless’s “Curacao” out at the end of march on Alter-Ego Progressive, two remixes including my remix of Nick Thompson & Spekuless’s “Deep Level Lives” on Real Music Recordings.

Are you a full time producer or do you got a real job beside the music? I am a full-time DJ/Producer/Remixer and I will continue to pursue my goals in music.

How do you produce? Do you start with a melody or a bassline or something other? For remixes it all depends on the parts I receive. For my own songs it can vary. All depends on my mood and state of mind.

From what do you obtain inspiration? Life itself is a never-ending inspiration. I take my life and music day by day. I am blessed with love and fortunate to have met people who have become key elements in my growth as an artist and as a person. Montreal inspires me a lot as well. It is a beautifully rich city both in culture and diversity. It has a deep effect on my music.

How did you fall in love with electronic music? And how did you come into contact with deejaying and producing? My father is the person who introduced me to electronic music. Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, Jan Hammer, Vangelis, Depeche Mode and Enya are some of many artists I discovered through my father. I was drenched into new age/ambient music as a child. And his record collection was all on vinyl. He had a small belt-driven turntable. It rapidly became my favourite toy. That’s how I first encountered vinyl and turntables. I was a guitarist in numerous rock bands during my teens. I liked performing in front of people. I liked the attention it brought. Then by high school, my friends were throwing parties and I naturally started to DJ. It was a natural progression I guess. But I always knew one day I would be making music. I knew I had it in me. Then the first time I heard Robert Miles’s “Dreamland” album, I quickly said to myself this is what I want to do with my life. I rapidly started producing with a pair of drum machines (Roland Tr-808 and 909), a bassbox(Roland Tb-303) and a four track analog recorder(with the big reels!). Then all my gear got stolen and that’s when I decided to switch to software based music production. I haven’t looked back since.

You are from Montreal. Could you provide us with an insight to the Montreal Trance scene? I would be lying if I said that there is no progressive/trance scene in Montreal. But it isn’t that great. However, I intend on changing this. It’s not an easy task. Luckily I am not alone in this. Montreal is blessed with talent especially guys like Nick Pilon, DJ Wizz and Ulrich Van Bell pushing the harder trance sound. And guys like Sultan, Tone Depth and Max Graham putting Montreal on the map when it comes to progressive. However, there’s a wave of minimal techno and electro all around the city. I am personally open to this wave just as long as the music is melodic. After all, Montreal is known for being a techno-house city. Tiga, Nivoc, Sean Kosa, Jordan Dare and Akufen are just a few of so many artists whom I admire and draw inspiration from in that scene. However, I strongly believe that the progressive/trance scene would be a whole lot healthier if there were more producers involved and contibuting. I often feel like the “Black Sheep” of the city.

Which things you`re going to do in the next couple of months? What do you want to achieve with your music? For now I’m concentrating on having a solid catalogue of productions and also focus on my radio shows. I will tour the US and Europe in the spring and participate in music festivals this summer. I have signed on for some surprise appearances so be on the look out. I will also visit the Middle East in the summer.

Suppose you have to go on a lonely isle and there are only three records or cds you could take along. Which records would they be? Brian Eno - Music For Airports, Enya - Paint The Sky With Stars, Paco De Lucia-Fuente y Caudal

At the end another issue: Who will win the FIFA World Cup in Germany? Being Hispanic, I like the South American teams. But I must admit, the German team has a chance. Bayern Munchen is one of my favourite teams in futbol.

Really much thanks fort he set and the interview. We wish you all the best for the future. Bye. Dank für Haben ich und sieht Sie bald Deutschland! Thanks for having me and see you soon Germany. Cheers.

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