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Nick ThompsonHey Nick, how are you doing? You`ll be doing a guest mix for Tranceparency on GlobalBeats.FM on next Tuesday. What can we expect from you? Which sound do you prefer? I guess you can expect a lovely subtle blend of Progressive, House & Trance with a twist of electro! At the moment im really loving the progressive house sound! Something about those lovely percussion elements just gives the tracks that gorgeous drive!!

When did you decide starting wih deejaying? Was there a special decisive moment for you? 1997! Basically I was round at a friends house at a house party, to cut a long story short I ended up on the turntables for an hour... the first time ever on the decks!

You`re producing as well. Could you please name us some tracks you did and tell us if they are already have been released or signed by labels? Currently Released:
Nick Thompson – Spice Fire (Markus Schulz Coldharbour Selections 4) (Electronic Elements)
Nick Thompson & Spekuless – Deep Level Lines (Incl Remixes) (Real Deep)
Fineart – Empathy (Nick Thompson Remix) (Inov8)
Nightlight – For U (Lost Language)
Keenan & Bajwak – Jericho (Nightlight Vocal Remix) (Lost Language)
HKN – The Space Between (Nick Thompson Remix) (Active Records)

Coming Soon:
Nick Thompson & James Vickers – Synaptic Sex (Original Frousey Mix) (Alter Ego Progressive)
Nick Thompson – City Kid (Lost Language)
Everwake – Twilight Rising (Nick Thompson Vocal, Dub & Sunset Remixes) (Inov8)
& more!!

Being a producer is more simple nowadays than in earlier time. The equipment is still not that cheap but software gets more and more important. What are you using? Firstly I would not say its more simple these days.. the tools may have advanced but it still requires talent and a hell of a lot of patience to produce music! At the moment I am using FL Studio 5 & Cubase SX 3 with various vst’s and abusing the University studio for some non dance based projects!

Are there any things you do beside music or is it your full-time-job? Although producing is technically not my full time job, I do spend every day producing since I am currently at university studying music technology!

Progressive sounds are very hot these days. It`s growing more and more. What do you think Trance is in five or ten years? In 5 years? I have no idea! That’s why I love trance, because its so unpredictable!! I would love to see the techier side really come through for a while as I find it great to dance to, but I guess we will just have to wait and see on that! The other way I would like to see it go is a more progressive house side of things!

Tranceparency is part of GlobalBeats.FM with some really talented and good DJs but there are also a lot of other good online radios. What`s your opinion on internet radio stations like this? Are there too much of them or is it a good way to present the forms of electronical music to the people out there? A few years ago I would have said that there weren’t enough stations, now I think even though everybody seems to own a station it’s a fantastic thing! I mean 5 years ago you would struggle to spin for 50 people on the internet… now you can connect to a station and you immediately have an audience! Plus its great for letting up and coming talent get heard!

What are your ten favourite tracks right now?
1: Armin Van Buuren ftr. Nadia Ali - Who Is Watching (Perry O'Neil Remix)
2: DJ Remy & Roland Klinkenberg - IntroDubtion
3: Harry Lemon - Rise! (Jack Russell NYC Mix)
4: San & Sebastian Moore- Night Eyes (Niklas Harding Remix)
5: Placebo - English Summer Rain (Nick Thompson Bootleg Remix)
6: James Wood pres. Wandii - The Asylum.
7: Kenneth Tjonasam Pres. Spekuless – Curacao (Gabriel Batz Remix)
8: Emphased Reality – Realsphere (Static Blue Remix)
9: Scandi – Risifrutti
10: Perry O’Neil – Numb (Stels Shoot The Glass Remix)

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