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Hey Glenn, how are you? Can you please tell us something about you? What are you doing beside deejaying? Well currently im working in a full time job on a cell phone company – not too happy with it so that might change soon. I've started learning in a course teaching music production which means I`m starting the next step in my music career hopefully it will bring good results one day. It's hard to describe my life without music – I'm not human without music even at work I try to listen on my i-river to some dj sets I downloaded. On weekends you can find me drinking too much on parties (unless it's a big dj I like and then I completely sober) or just hanging with my friends or spend the weekend at home.

You`ll be doing a guest mix for "Tranceparency" next Tuesday. What can the listeners expect? Could you please describe the kind of music you`ll be playing? One hour of a pure progressive treat well the purest that you can find these days when minimal and electro have taken control on almost all the dj's that were known as progressive dj's.Playing just a bunch of great tunes isn't my mission – building it all into a one hour of a musical journey that will mean something all together is what I'm obligated to – there won't be any difference this time.

What do you want to express with music? Any emotions and feelings? With no reference to music genres I think most if not all genres are progressive and deep. Music for me is a deep thing and I want to deliver my emotions and passion for music to the listener. Why do I think almost all the music is progressive? Well for me it's even righteous as a dj – building a set that will progress well and will lead the listener straight to the point where i as a dj want him to be.

How did you came in contact with electronical music in generally? Do you got some idols which inspired you? Well there was a local radio here that every day just when I finished school played a show of 2 hours by a local dj – never heard of him again since that time but it was my very first step I think back in 1998. I've discovered the amazing dreamy uplifting trance of that days and producers that I owe them my passion to electronic music that finally brought me to where I am today are Vincent de Moor, Ferry Corsten, the old Tiesto. The first dj I really loved was ferry corsten who did some amazing sets on 1999-2000. These days I`m still listening and loving the uplifting trance dj's producers and some of the new stuff that is out but I'm more into progressive. Inspirations? Any good album I hear. New stuff works great for me. For example I really enjoyed the new albums of dousk and Nathan Fake.

What are your Top10 tracks at the moment? Not easy, but i did it:
01. Miss – Rhinoplasty (Mike Brin Remix) [Magnolia]
02. Jay Lumen – Lima (Snake Sedrick Remix) [Tilth]
03. Maindave - Roboacid [Aurium]
04. U & K - Paranoid [L2]
05. Simon & Shaker – Zero [Electronic Elements]
06. Kopi Luwak – GT [Bonzai]
07. Abdul Bayyari - 400 Years Till Dawn (Eelke Kleijn Remix) [Selective]
08. Junk Science - Moodswing (Nikola Gala Remix) [Underground Lessons]
09. Francis Davila – Disolution [Istmo]
10. Darren Gate - Track 2 [Skip]

Thanks for the possibility listening to your sound. We wish you all the best for the future and your plans! Thank you too for hosting me on the show! My pleasure!

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