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Become a GlobalBeats FM DJ:

As you can see there is no real application form which you can fill out in minutes. We invest a lot in GlobalBeats FM: with a huge amount of engagement, passion for music and a bit of crazyness (which is very welcome in here). Everybody is doing his or her bit to offer high quality electronic music for our listeners. Looking for mainstream or chartsound you wont own webspace we recommend or an upload to Your demo set should be at least 60 but not longer than 120 minutes - somebody has to listen to and rate it and sometimes a lot of more ears have to do that job. Skills ... well, it is logical, isnt have to fullfill this sentence. A trustworthy, not slick and perfect set is a sympathic way of telling us that yout mind! If you are playing oldschool or digital does not matter: both methods are welcome and none of both is a disadvantage!

We are interested in what we can expect musically. Please tell us something about your music and some infos about your personality: How old are you? Where do you come from? Are you a greenhorn at the decks or a trouper, who played at different clubs and turned them into a place to be? Are you experienced in playing at webradios? Do you like moderation or do you let the music speak for itself? Thats tracklists and playing their hits is something everybody is able to do with cheap equipment.

If you have a discographie we are really looking forward to read it, but please be honest (this is a very serious point!). A party at a friend's house is no club residency and if you were luckily enough to be able to play at a renowed club but you were playing charts and partyhits, then - as good as it has been - it is not as meaningful as you think. Don't worry: We won't reject your application because there is no club experience. Generally we are interested in you musical history and the history you would like to tell your listeners. A huge bonus is a story about your way to found GlobalBeats FM, we always love to read that!

There is no problem left? So grab your infos and demo set and send it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We are looking forward to it! We answer every application, but please be patient and give us some time. As already said there are often more than two ears listening to your set and we sometimes have to discuss. If you give us that time we might give you the time to play your sound at GlobalBeats FM - a fair deal, isn't it?

Becoming a GlobalBeats FM partner:

If you are interested in working with us please send your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. He is responsible for the partner management. He is your contact, is always at your service and is looking for the best way for a collaboration and partnership.

You are running a label or a booking agency and are looking for a webradio to promote your artists and DJs? We are always looking for new and fresh music. Tell us something about you and in which way you are working in the scene. Which philosophy are you following with your label and artists? For us it is important what you have in mind while talking about a partnership: Would you like to host your own monthly or weekly show or would you like to host guest sets as well.

If you are an event manager and if you would like to broadcast your event at GlobalBeats FM don't forget to provide as much infos as possible: Location, DJs & artists, if there is an internet connection available or if you are interested in promotion (flyers etc.) by GlobalBeats FM. If so we don't expect any difficulties and would love to broadcast your event.

We are looking forward to see your request in our inbox and would like to welcome you as a new partner of GlobalBeats FM! © 2024 | design & customization: Mathias Kolbe | webplayer: Dennis Schröder | imprint

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